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Spray Dampening Upgrade

Graphic Innovators (GI) is pleased to provide a  Spray Dampening Upgrade for your existing pressline(s). We can provide the New Spray Dampening system, removal of the old brush or continous system, and start up and training for your NEW Spray Bar dampening system.

To date, Graphic Innovators has implemented five complete Spray systems ranging from 4 to 8 unit press configurations. We have added spray to various types of presses including or Beiren 3850, Harris M300 and Harris M1000 presses. The most common transition is from Brush to Spray Dampening which will provide you and your crews much better quality and water control than ever before. You will find that your ability to run lighter basis weight stocks will increase due to the evenness of the spray system.  Print quality will also increase with your NEW spray system.

The system is closed loop therefore fountain solution waste is basically zero, saving you time and money.  Graphic Innovators is a huge supporter of this technology and continues to be the leader in the industry for retrofits and conversions.

We promote spray to various customers  who are looking to increase quality and lower waste.

Call GI for a quote on this cost effective Spray Dampening Upgrade.