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PLC Control System Enhancement with Human Machine Interface (HMI)

The new Graphic Innovators PLC control system enhancement replaces obsolete programmable logic controllers with new Allen Bradley CompactLogix or Siemens S7 programmable logic controllers. The new control system through its new human machine interface (HMI) allows the press operator to access and monitor all press functions remotely from the main press console.

- New retro-fitted system utilizes existing wiring and control enclosures minimizing the downtime associated with installation and start up.

- View the status of the press including web break detectors, jams, oil sensors, and all other inputs that can slow or stop production

- Active faults/warnings can be viewed as well as historical fault data, press speed, good/gross counts, and programmable maintenance tasks.

- New PLC parts are readily available which minimizes downtime.

- New system is engineered to any and all customer preferences.