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Ink Levelers


The GI ink leveller system monitors the ink level in the ink fountain and maintains a consistent level.


- Automatic control of ink level within 1/8"
- Improves color consistency
- Eliminates manual filling of ink fountains
- Valve box controls and electrical components located safely away from the fountain
- Low profile manifold occupies little space on fountain
- Easily serviceable components

      Ink Levelers Are Sold On A Per Fountain Basis:

      Included With With GI In Levelers:

      GI Ink Leveler Bars with sensors

      Valve Control Boxes                                   
      Quick Disconnects


      Ink Fountain Mounting Brackets



      *Customer to provide 1/2" schedule 40 seamless A106 pipe to ingoing side of GI provided 1/2" NPT Valve.

      *Customer to provide 80 psi via 1/4" polyflo to each 1/2" NPT Valve.

      *Customer to provide (1) 110/120 AC electrical outlet to within 6 feet of each Valve Control Box

      *Customer to provide dimensional drawing of ink fountain if required by Seller

      GI will warranty parts only for a period of six months from the date of shipment of the ink levelers from GI