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M600 Upgrades, Service & Parts

Graphic Innovators (GI), the company you have known for rebuilding commercial heatset presses for more than two decades now offers a range of service, parts and products for the M-600 press system. These items are designed to help printing companies’ lower waste, improve productivity, improve quality, increase speed and lower operating costs.

Productivity Enhancement

Keeping your press system equipped with the latest technology is crucial. GI offers enhancements for M-600 that will increase productivity and up-time on your presses and reduce your operating costs.

• Upgrade of CPTronic to state of the art press readily available Allen Bradley Controls. Eliminate obsolete Electronics!

• Operator Touch Screen Interface at console and or folder. Contains all press functions for the operator. Simplify operator controls.

• Upgrade main motor drive to more efficient and easily serviced AC drives. Power consumption is lowered. Obsolete drive components are eliminated.

• Upgrade CPC ink control to Monigraf Digital System, MDS II. Segmented ink key control, one button zero setting, accuracy and consistent color control.

• Upgrade Ink Fountain Roller Drives to Allen Bradley AC Vector Drives. Auto Speed Ramping is fully programmable. Color control is greatly improved through all ranges of speed.

• Ceramic Cover Ink Fountain Rollers. The longevity of the fountain roller is 3 times that of original hardened steel.

• Segmented Ink Fountain Blades.

• Infeed and Chill Roll Stand Tension Control Electronic Upgrade Package. Replace old obsolete electronics with New Servo Trim System. Print quality and fold accuracy are greatly improve while simultaneously eliminating obsolete electronics

• Closed Loop Color System

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

Graphic Innovators offers a program of scheduled preventative maintenance wherein GI technicians, during one week annually, work from splicer through to the folder checking and correcting maintenance areas (tasks?) on each press element. The thrust of our efforts is to address those items normally requiring periodic maintenance that for whatever reason are not addressed by plant maintenance or press crews. Once completed company management receive a detailed report of all items address and the actions taken.

This program is designed to minimize the disruption in your press room all the while providing the maximum of productivity insurance and downtime avoidance. Some items, but not all, covered by the program and usually missed by plant personnel are listed here:

• Remove all drive line guarding for inspection of belts, shafts etc for wear and proper adjustment.

• Check all small gearboxes for proper lubrication and state of repair.

• Drain print unit gear cases, clean and remove debris, inspect gearing

• Inspect all placements of all press elements on press pad, insuring all shims are tight.

• Spot check all work side enclosures, inspecting rotary unions, register mechanisms and fountain drives.

• Inspect splicer and hoist

• Inspect dryer, insuring proper damper setup and gas usage within proper limits.

• Inspect chill roll rotary unions, valves and piping, drive components and belting.

• Inspect folder gearcase, drain oil and inspect for debris, inspect on the run adjustments, inspect and repair paper transport tapes and inspect and verify all pulleys spin freely. Inspect all driven rolls for excessive surface wear and insure condition of drive bearings.

Press Rebuild, Remanufacture and parts

As with other press models, GI offers a full range of possibilities from plate and/or blanket cylinder exchanges and rebuilds to complete field rebuilds and if the timing and budget permit, full turnkey factory rebuilds.

Factory rebuilds are completed at GI’s 92,000 square foot facility located just west of Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. A factory rebuild not only permits the typical mechanical remanufacturing activities and cleaning but also allows for electronic control system and press drive upgrades.

GI has the necessary depth of knowledge in M-600 within its qualified in-house operations and engineering staff and in its field service group as well.

A typical M-600 rebuild would include the following:

• Remanufactured blanket cylinders with new bearings

• Remanufactured plate cylinders with new bearings

• Install new ductor drive CYCLO gearboxes • Install new latest version ductor lever design

• Remanufactured water pan rolls, ink vibrator rolls and fountain rolls

• Cleaning, Inspection and resetting of all ink fountains, inspect gearbox and coupling and replace if necessary

• Install new vibrator bearing adapter assemblies

• Cleaning, Inspection for wear, and replacement (where necessary) of ink and dampening roller sockets, replace all distribution socket spring plungers

• Inspection of the gear train and other mechanical drive components and replacement of worn items (where necessary)

• Inspection and necessary repair of plate sidelay, plate cocking and circumferential register mechanisms and drive

Graphic Innovators also offers reconfiguration and relocation services for M-600. GI can provide turnkey de-installation, engineering and presses controls modification or upgrade and installation as you require. Please call our past M-600 projects and how we can benefit your company.


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