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Selective Press Rebuilding

We offer Selective Equipment Rebuilding in respect to all areas on the press. GI will inspect the equipment and make recommendations for repairs and upgrades based on your budget and time-frame.

Graphic Innovators offers a full range of press rebuild programs from plate and/or blanket cylinder exchanges, full press rebuilds to complete field rebuilds and if the timing and budget permit, full turnkey factory rebuilds. Factory rebuilds are completed at GI’s 92,000 square foot facility located just west of Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

A factory rebuild not only permits the typical mechanical remanufacturing activities and cleaning but also allows for electronic control system and press drive upgrades.

Graphic Innovators has the necessary depth of knowledge  within our qualified in-house operations and engineering staff.

Our experience and knowledge of problematic areas within a press system allow us to quickly diagnose and make proper upgrade & rebuild recommendations .

A general scope of work will include but not limited to:

- Inspect all electrical and mechanical systems.

- Repairs as necessary.

- Upgrades as needed.

- Replace consumable wear items.

- Clean and paint