Folder Rebuilds & Enhancements


Graphic Innovators can provide support for your Folders with enhancement upgrades and rebuilding!

Folder rebuild areas include:

- Inspect all components

- Repair all mechanical systems, test to assure proper operation

- Electrical systems will be tested and repaired/ replaced where necessary

- Resurface rubber pull nips, nip trolleys and nip rollers

- Rebuild all pneumatics

- Replace all poly flow

- Replace all folder consumables

- Inspect and repair cylinder run out

- Inspect Electronics and repair damaged components as required

- Replace all worn idler roller bearings

- Rebuild drive gear box replacing worn bearings, bushings and shafts

- Replace broken gauges

- Gearing and Cams worn or damaged will be replaced as necessary

Folder enhancements we provide include:

- Servo drive upgrades

- Ribbon capacity addition

- Gate folding addition

- Balloon former addition

- Fan wheel 360 phasing

- Lubrication modifications

- Stacking options

- Material handing automation

- Servo driven nip section for variable gain pull nips

Graphic Innovators has over 24 Years' experience rebuilding, enhancing, upgrading and supporting Print Units, Folders, as well as other Press & Equipment services