Used Equipment Sales

Here at Graphic Innovators, we specialize in used equipment sales that provide you with options for getting the job done. We offer press equipment and parts, bindery equipment and plant support equipment from a number of major manufacturers. Our used printing equipment for sale can help save money for those organizations that do not have a large budget, but need used printing presses or used offset printing equipment to move forward.

Is purchasing used equipment a good choice?

Because we are an industry leader, you can be sure that every piece of used equipment we sell is in top working order. There are many reasons why equipment is sold, including contractual obligations, budget requirements, and more. Large organizations frequently get rid of their machinery every year or two because they have to work with the latest technology. This is beneficial for smaller organizations who need the equipment, but cannot purchase at full price.

We offer used equipment you can rely on. Our team consists of well trained, industry professionals that can give you advice and recommendations on what type of machinery you need based on what you are trying to accomplish. There are intricacies with every type of machinery that must be considered prior to making a purchase. We have many models in our inventory, including the Sunday, M600s, M1000s, Hantscho, Baker Perkins and more.

The thought of buying used equipment may make you feel apprehensive, but we have the knowledge and expertise to point you in the right direction. Additionally, if your equipment starts to have issues, we are able to provide the parts and repair the machine so that you will not have the same outcome once it is back in operation.

We strive for excellence in all we do. For more information on used equipment sales and how they can benefit your organization, contact a team associate at Graphic Innovators today.