Direct Mail

Direct Mail presses produce direct marketing products such as magazine reply cards, flyers, closed end mailers, commercial advertizing, contests, coupons, fragrance samples and many other items that we commonly see if our mailboxes every day. It is a very effective proven tool for targeted marketing.

We can help automate you processes and offer flexible solutions to better reach your target market. Incorporating inline addressing and variable data can be very powerful. GI has a specialty in Inline Finishing.  We have supplied countless press/inline packages remanufactured to numerous printers. Contact GI for your next direct mail press project.

Small format direct mail presses include Didde, Muller Martini, Harris, RDP, Stevens, Miyakoshi, Sanden, Drent, and Goebel. Large format presses can include Heidelberg and other makes like Hantscho, ATF, Komori, Goss®, or Mitsubishi.